Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The crowd during Troy & Kamis concert

The people in Kampung Bahagia had received a reward party from DiGi in a form of Mini Karnival last 19 July 2009. There were at least 5 events besides the raffle draw which had been participated by the youth in this community such as, basketball 3 on 3, beach volleyball, shuffle dance, Karaoke singing contest and Igal-igal/magpangalay. The committees of the program which includes Nasir bin Abdullah were grateful to Digi for bringing such a wonderful and joyful occassion to the community.


Aside from that event, the people of Kampung Bahagia were satiated with the presence of two famous Tausug artists in Sabah, Kamis & Troy, who are currently popular with their respective song "Lolay Liyangkit & Patay Lidjiki'. The artists really received a huge support from the people here. Some of them believe the existence of these artists will give a positive impact to the Tausug in Sabah most especially in responding to "1 Malaysia" concept recently propagated by His Excellency the Prime Minister of Malaysia Datu Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Winners

Hopefully, this type of event will continue to happen in this community to inspire the youth to promote a positive culture in the society. Ever since the creation of Kampung Bahagia we were and are always supporting the Malaysian agenda to quell unhealthy activities in the society.



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