Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Since the creation of this blog, pollution has been part of discussion in some of our articles. We share it to the world with deep concern over our health, environment, and other creations. For a long period of time we are seeing no positive effect of this pollution rather it causes more people in the community suffering from various illnesses.

Lately, as I passed by over the bridge of this community, the color of the seawater attracted my eyes. The seawater looks like a mud, but in reality that was the substance spilled from the factories. I’ve notice almost every day these factories do their routine to pollute the seawater of this community. There are no safe places anymore in here. Every corner of this community is polluted. The space above is polluted with smokes, the water is tainted by substance, and the garbage is everywhere, this place is indeed a slum.

Previous days, there was a group from the ministry of health did their monthly routine to do smoke belching. As there was patients from this community confined for dengue case in the Hospital Duchess of Kent, Sandakan. We thanked the government for their concern over this matter. We know the cause of this can’t be pinpointed to anyone but the people of this community. Should this place have been given extra care by them this place would not reach this worst situation.

Whatever it is, the problem faced by the people in this part of the world furtively destructing the lives of many creations. It’s almost impossible to revive what we have lost out of this problem. We got forlorn of hopes if the people in this community could still resist living in the next 10 years with this sort of ambience. For me, I better hoist the white flag at this point in time and to say surrender. I better not wait until the owner of these factories say, okay you win we will relocate our factories. And I think that’s impossible.

Profit is valuable than lives to the capitalist. There is no way for the people in this community to fight for their right. Everyone having their rights, but the question whose right must be prioritized?

Let the government decide the fate of this people. We are very thankful should they have options to help solve the crisis being faced.



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